Hey I’m Carla! I like to write about all kinds of things, but here I will focus mostly on personal development. This was the first year I started to do formal goal setting. They say you are something like 70% more likely to achieve a goal just by writing it down! Can you believe it?

I thought this might be a good place to share what I learn and experience along the way. Tips and techniques I’ve found useful, and others that I haven’t found so useful. There are a lot of workshops and tools around these days at our disposal. Join me as I learn and grow and maybe you will too.

I have a trusty old fluffy friend, my dog Ruby, who goes on many adventures with me. Ruby will show up from time to time as she is my confident and someone I can share anything with. We love to spend time outdoors. Ruby isn’t huge into fetch or anything like that, but loves to swim and roll in gross stuff. She also loves dog parks, but can’t keep up with those young pups anymore (though of course she doesn’t think that’s the case).

If find our walks therapeutic and when I need to slow down, nothing beets spending time with her outdoors. If you ever want to reach out to me or give my Ruby a virtual ‘fuzzer’ on the heard, you can contact me here.