The First Thing You Need for Successful Goal Setting

Last time I talked briefly about how it can be overwhelming to make big goals.  Today I wanted to start with the basics so you can have a clear vision even if you don’t know where you are going or how you will get there. When you do feel overwhelmed you can come back to your why, to your purpose, and allow the feelings of anxiety pass.

A while ago a mentor and friend sent me a YouTube video who’s focus was starting with the end in mind. This video was so helpful and powerful for me. It is easy for people to pursue their calling from a place of fear or discontent or because it it what they are ‘supposed’ to do.

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Spring is in the air!

Hey it’s me, Carla, welcome to my blog. Spring is a befitting time to start something new, so I’m starting a blog about goal setting. Can you believe that we are already more than a quarter through 2016?

Step back a few months to January where I was for the first time starting the new year with an actual goal list. I don’t mean new year resolutions. I don’t mean a list you post on your fridge that says things like ‘clean kitchen floor’ with a check box next to it that never gets marked. Continue reading “Spring is in the air!”