Spring is in the air!

Hey it’s me, Carla, welcome to my blog. Spring is a befitting time to start something new, so I’m starting a blog about goal setting. Can you believe that we are already more than a quarter through 2016?

Step back a few months to January where I was for the first time starting the new year with an actual goal list. I don’t mean new year resolutions. I don’t mean a list you post on your fridge that says things like ‘clean kitchen floor’ with a check box next to it that never gets marked.

No, I mean real bonafide goals that are specific and thought out. Goals that have dates. Goals that, if I were to achieve, needed to be connected to my ‘why’. After all, nothing worth while is ever easy to do and if you are to truly succeed you must connect to WHY you want to do it.

I read that setting 7-10 goals for the year was a good amount. Not too few that you can laze about and not so many that you are completely overwhelmed. Well, I set 10. It’s a lot!

Then and now I still feel a little overwhelmed- there are some big goals on that list! But I think it’s a widely understood idea for goal setters that dreaming big is important. Better to set a goals so big that if you fall short you still make big progress.

A quote comes to mind, on that Confucius said,

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

When I feel overwhelmed this is the quote I like to think about. Take every day one at a time, and keep going.

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